Gold & Sword


This stand alone artbook contains the most recent works of digital artist Cris Ortega. More than forty artworks with genres like fantasy, science fiction, steampunk and gothic are compiled within this book.

Full color | paperback | 56 pages
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"There is a legend that tells Reynaud Manor is haunted by the apparition of a lady in a wedding gown, seen from time to time reflected in the mirrors. But as its inhabitants are found dead under strange circumstances, what appeared to be a common tale starts to become a fateful reality"

'Reflections' is a one-shot comic book that includes two short stories. Available in english and spanish.

b & w | paperback & ebook | 64 pages
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Artbook | · Sold out ·
"I am one and three at the same time. The one who wanders on darkness, who spins the destiny between the forbidden lands. Mine is the name that witches invoke with silent voice. For ever endless, and ever Nocturnal"

'Nocturna' is a stand alone artbook that contains several artworks with a short story.

Full color | hardcover | 96 pages
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